Studiekringmilieu wordt kennisnetwerk milieu

Kennisnetwerk Milieu (KNM) is de alumnivereniging voor Wageningse milieustudenten en mensen die werkzaam zijn in de milieusector en een band met Wageningen hebben. In 1991 is KNM opgericht als alumnivereniging van de studierichting Milieuhygiëne tijdens de 25 jarige reünie van Aktief Slip, de studievereniging van Milieuhygiëne/ Milieuwetenschappen.

Sinds 1 mei 2011 heet Studie Kring Milieu KennisNetwerk Milieu (KNM). De nieuwe naam is eigentijdser en dekt beter de lading van onze activiteiten. Deze naamsverandering is tegelijk geïntroduceerd met het nieuwe logo en het in de lucht gaan van onze website. Het nieuwe logo staat voor de elementen water, lucht en bodem - de drie pijlers van onze natuurlijke leefomgeving. Tevens geeft het logo het verbindende element aan tussen deze drie milieucompartimenten.

Jaarlijks organiseert het netwerk 2-4 activiteiten zoals excursies en symposia.

Gerard Blom - CHAIR

I studied environmental sciences at Wageningen University and specialized in water quality management. From 1986-1997 I worked at Wageningen University as an associate professor in water quality management. My research topic was modelling sediment transport and light conditions in shallow lakes. From 1997-2010 I worked at Rijkswaterstaat and was involved in policy and planning studies on Room for the River. In 2003 I became manager of the river department of Rijkswaterstaat - RIZA; later of the knowledge management department of Rijkswaterstaaat - Water Management Centre. Scince 2010 I work at Deltares, a research institute on Delta Technology. I am unitmanager at the Deltares Software Centre and leading the research theme Environmental Sciences and Ecotechnology.

Marieke de Lange - SECRETARY

I studied Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University with aquatic ecology and water quality management as specializations. After my MSc (1994), I worked as a PhD at the department of Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality, and defended my thesis in 1999. The research was on effects of ultraviolet radiation on phytoplankton and zooplankton in freshwater ecosystems. My next job was as a postdoc at Lehigh University in the USA. Then I came back to Wageningen, working at Wageningen University again as an adjunct professor and researcher. From 2005 onwards I work at Alterra, as researcher ecotoxicology. I am currently involved in many different projects, ranging from sediment pollution, terrestrial pollution, effects on wildlife, and invasive species.

Caroline Moermond

I studied Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University with water quality management as a specialization. After my MSc, I worked at the department of Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management as a research and teaching assistant for 1.5 years, after which I started my PhD at the same department. I defended my thesis, titled "Bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants from floodplain lake sediment: linking models to measurements" in 2007. From 2006 until now I've been working at the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). As an evironmental risk assessor I mainly deal with risk assessment of pharmaceuticals and persistent, bioacummulative and toxic (PBT) compounds, I derive environmental quality standards and do a lot of other work dealing with risks of substances to the environment.

Victor Brettschneider - treasurer

It was my interest in the report of the 'Club of Rome', the 'Natuurbeschermingsjaar 1972' and 'ismen' what made me wonder where I could study milieu (environmental studies). My search took me to Wageningen with the only full-time study in this field. It's my curiosity for new things / developments that made that I chose soil pollution (bodembescherming en –verontreiniging) at professor Frans de Haan's department. Industrial soil pollution wasn't found yet. In my doctoral I did a couple waste management investigations (that was also new). My career is also marked by several 'new things' at the consultancy Grontmij, at city councils of the Hague and Rotterdam. I just started as teacher at Avans Hogeschool at the Academy of Building and Infrastructure. I hope to go on with new developments at the Academy. It's the same curiosity that made me, and for instance Bram Klapwijk and KLV, founders of the 'Studiekring Milieu' (the forerunner of Kennisnetwerk Milieu): meeting old studymates and organising symposia or field trips about and to interesting and new topics.
In the selection of new topics of those happenings the important questions are: what's new about it? Does it add to on-going (commercial) symposia? This approach keeps me fresh and makes that I'm still member of the board.

Sandra Lenders

Aktief Slip

Aktief Slip is the study association of Environmental Sciences from the Wageningen University. So most members of the Kennisnetwerk Milieu will probably have joined Aktief Slip during their study. Aktief Slip is represented by two members in the board of KNM; the President and the Secretary of Aktief Slip. These members change twice a year.
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